How To Play

Urban Golf is played using a single club (normally a Pitching Wedge) and a ball.

*A real golf ball should only be used in areas with no surrounding people or property that may be damaged. There are many options for off course safe balls ranging from training balls to squashed milk cartons. Play your way.

Start by choosing a place to hit from (tee). Observe the terrain in front of you and decide the location of the pin (hole).

An Urban Golf hole can be anything. Power poles or letter boxes. Forks in trees, even all the way from your house to the park

World Urban Golf Day 7

You may want to decide on a par or stroke limit for the hole, or just challenge yourself to hit over and around obstacles.or local shop to get the paper in the morning. Many a game of Urban Golf has been and is played to the local pub for …refreshment.

 ANZAC Style

ANZAC Style, as we call it, involves challenging your mate to a shot by shot attack on a target for a cash wager. As in games of 2 up, side betting is encouraged.

*All caution should be taken when playing around buildings, cars and people. Avoid offending anyone whenever possible.
*Try not to hit directly at buildings or cars. The club striking the ground has been known to spray rocks into things.

That being said Urban Golfing can really be anything you imagine it to be. Hitting a ball into a bucket in the garage, driving golf balls down at the beach with your friends and chipping around the caravan park with your kids on holidays. We all share the same passion for swinging a club and constantly challenging ourselves to be better.

Think outside the cup…  – Urban Golf Australia

World Urban Golf Day #6

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